Through my experience, I have seen and heard some interesting and strange advice for improving analyst relations. This post is meant as a place to share those tips. What you are not looking at is a beginner’s guide to analyst relation – if you’re look for that click here. These are ideas to try out to level up your already established analyst relations strategy.

1. Pay to advertise your site in association with your primary analyst’s name

This tip plays to two different audiences – your buyer and the analyst themselves. Analysts do google themselves and when they do that your site will pop up. Buyers also google the analyst and will see your product associated with that analyst.

2. Send the analysts Monthly Newsletters

While briefings are important, they are best to be done once or twice per year. In that time, your company likely changes a lot. Create a monthly one pager to update analysts on your company. It allows you to stay in front of the analyst without clogging up their precious briefing time. If monthly seems too momentous, think about starting with just a quarterly update.

aaron-burden-211846-unsplash3. Send them holiday and thank you cards

Snail mail is a way to stand out so send them your company holiday card. Also, if they include you in a report, follow up with a quick thank you note.

4. Take your key analysts to dinner

Reach out to your Account Manager or directly to the analyst and see about setting up a meal. While at events with the analysts, they likely have a packed schedule, but everyone needs to eat. But, don’t spend the whole meal pitching your product. The longer, less formal time allows you to get to know the analyst on a more personal level. Talk about the industry, talk about you background, talk about the analyst’s background. You both work in the same industry and likely have a lot in common – use that to your advantage.

5. Advertise in your analyst’s airport

This is unquestionably one of the most unusual on the list but analysts travel a lot – often weekly. Advertising at their airport is another way to keep your brand in front of them.


6. Keep an analyst calendar

Know the last time you briefed/spoke with your analysts. Do not go more than 6 months without interacting with key analysts. You should be interacting with your top analysts every quarter and other analysts every year. If you are a client, you likely feel like you’re constantly interacting because you speak with your account manager but that does not mean you are constantly interacting with analysts.

7. Keep a research calendar

Know when analysts are focused on different types of research. Know when the analysts are beginning their prep for the Magic Quadrant or Wave. You especially want to be top of mind during these times. It’s a good idea to coordinate your analyst calendar with your research calendar.

8. Ask analysts if they’re recommending you

Analysts knowing who you are does not mean they are speaking positively about you and company. Find out the analysts’ thoughts on your product and whether you fit their vision of the market. Analysts absolutely love when you take their advice and bring back the results. Being top of mind means nothing if you do not have a great product.

In conclusion

Most these tips are ways to stay top of mind with analysts. Through congregating all the advice, a pattern became clear to me – treat analysts like you treat your top clients. Make them feel important and special. As we always say at the AR Expert, analysts are people too. When you treat them well, the analysts will (hopefully) return the favor.

Let me know any creative tips you have for analyst relations or if you tried out any of these tips.

Photos courtesy of Alice Achterhof, Aaron Burden, and Estée Janssens on Unsplash



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